Introducing PsyArXiv: a preprint service for psychological science

PsyArXiv, a preprint service for psychology, is up and running! It was created by the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS) and the Center for Open Science (COS).


PsyArXiv is an interactive digital repository for papers on psychological science, serving two primary functions.

First, PsyArXiv serves as an open-access archive for psychological publications of all sorts. This means that researchers and the public can access publications which might otherwise be protected by a paywall. Simply uploading manuscripts of already-published papers (in accordance with journal policy, most of which allow for sharing author-formatted manuscripts) increases the availability of scientific publications. In addition, PsyArXiv provides an outlet for articles which might never otherwise be published, due to null findings.

Second, PsyArXiv is expected to be especially useful as a preprint server. Preprints are manuscripts as they exist prior to formal publication in a journal. Sharing preprints on PsyArXiv can result in feedback from others in the field, resulting in improvements, and the preprint can then be updated to reflect the revisions. This is a sort of peer review prior to actual journal submission. Posting prior to publication can also establish a precedent of a theory, design, method, or finding. Each preprint uploaded is assigned a unique DOI, with associated date and time stamps. Given the average length of the peer review and journal publishing process, uploading to PsyArXiv can firmly establish your claim over your work, to avoid getting “scooped.”


The current PsyArXiv interface onto the underlying Open Science Framework (OSF) datastore is temporary. The full interface is under development, but PsyArXiv already provides a searchable database of preprints, with free hosting of manuscripts in perpetuity (ensured by a digital preservation fund). It is also easy to integrate a preprint with other supplementary materials through the OSF, providing open access to data, materials, etc.

When PsyArXiv is updated, uploading and updating manuscripts will be even easier, with a DOI assigned upon upload. PsyArXiv will also allow commenting on preprints, with community moderation tools to ensure that comments are productive and helpful. Stay tuned for further updates! We are excited about the development of these useful features and more.

Questions and Information

For more information about why to use preprints, on how to post your own preprints to PsyArXiv, and more, be sure to check out our FAQ. If you have any other questions, you can email us at, or ask us questions on Facebook or Twitter.


We would like to thank arXiv for the licensed use of their name. We would also like to thank the Center for Open Science for their hand in creating and integrating the PsyArXiv with the OSF and the new, upcoming preprint services in related fields.

arXiv is a trademark of Cornell University, used under license. This license should not be understood to indicate endorsement of content on PsyArXiv by Cornell University or arXiv.

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