APA Names PsyArXiv as Preferred Preprint Service

Contributed by Grace Binion, David Condon, Anita Eerland, Alex Holcombe, Hannah Moshontz, & Sean Rife

On August 1st 2017, PsyArXiv was named the preferred preprint service for the APA. In their press release, the APA highlights the benefits afforded by our service, including open access and increased discoverability. We will also be working to develop integrated submission portals that will allow submission from PsyArXiv to APA journals and vice versa. Once in place, this will allow users to easily submit the latest version of their preprint (and associated supplemental material) from PsyArXiv to journals and to solicit feedback on manuscripts submitted for review.

This initiative is a substantial step towards openness and transparency by one of the most prominent organizations in psychological research, and we hope to facilitate similar steps by other publishers. The Center for Open Science is continuing to develop the functionality underlying PsyArXiv to facilitate usage by journals (regardless of the publisher) as well as individual scholars. The central mission of PsyArXiv is to provide preprint services to promote the broad use of this vital tool for open access to psychological research. To accomplish this, we are eager to work with a wide array of publishers to ease the workflow of individuals already using preprints and to enhance visibility of preprints to promote adoption for those who are not.

We are excited that the APA has chosen to name us their preferred preprint service and look forward to many more similar opportunities.

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